Punjab CM approves Murree Development Plan

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has approved Murree development plan envisaging projects for beatification, construction and rehabilitation, transport and infrastructural development of Murree.

The approval was granted at a meeting jointly chaired by the Chief Minister and PML-N President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Murree today.

The approved projects include Rawalpindi to Murree tourist glass train, construction of high rise hotels at Mall road overlooking the scenic natural sceneries of Murree and repair and reconstruction of the existing infrastructure.

The meeting also approved to shift hotels from GPO to alternate locations, implement uniform appearance and color scheme for old buildings on Mall Road and restore ancient names of every city, region and historical building.

It was also decided to amend building laws for constructions in Murree and take action against authorities who permit illegal constructions.

Under the plans presented for ensuring supply of potable water, the existing syste
m will be repaired and rehabilitated for supplying over 6 lakh gallons of clean water per day in Murree.

The meeting decided to lay RCC and tuff tiles in different village streets across Murree.

Approval was also granted to a project for utilization of rain water for domestic use.

The meeting also approved construction and expansion of Murree-Kashmir Road, old Rawalpindi and construction of a temporary parking space at old Murree Road, remodeling of Jheenga Gali Chowk and its expansion by removal of encroachments and construction and rehabilitation of Lawrence College Road.

It was decided to beautify Bansara Gali Wildlife Park, Bagh Shaheedan Park, Murree Biodiversity Park by providing natural environment for animals, birds and plants and building camping sites, terrace parking areas and walkways for tourists.

The meeting was also briefed about construction and maintenance of sixteen roads in Murree, up-gradation of Simli Hospital, street lights and public toilets.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz directed i
mmediate legislation to restore the ancient names of different areas and buildings and set up memorial inscriptures in each city showing its history and traditions.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said Murree city has become much better than before and we will make it best for the people.

Suggestions and recommendations for establishing a parking yard in Murree were reviewed during the meeting.

The meeting was briefed that thirteen unlawful constructions and encroachments in Murree were removed.

Source: Radio Pakistan