President for creating awareness, early diagnosis of cancer to reduce risk of disease

President Dr. Arif Alvi has called for creating awareness and early diagnosis of cancer as these measures can help reduce the risk of disease.

Speaking at a briefing about cancer cases, especially the breast cancer, in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said incidences of cancer are rising in Pakistan and it requires timely diagnosis and adequate treatment facilities to cope with the situation.

Chairman, Cancer Care Hospital and Research Center (CCHRC) Lahore Prof Dr. Shehryar briefed the meeting about the cancer cases and the treatment facilities being provided by his organization. He informed that around 353,000 people got afflicted with cancer every year and only 71,000 patients got adequate treatment while the rest remained deprived due to the lack of sufficient healthcare facilities. He also highlighted the achievements of CCHRC that provided free-of-cost treatment to the patients.

The President appreciated the efforts and contributions of CCHRC Lahore in providing free-of-cost treatment facilities to cancer patients.

Source: Radio Pakistan