Youth Canada Supports Youth Voices from Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and FATA

General Islamabad

Islamabad: From this day on we shall do everything in our capacity to be responsible citizens of Pakistan and Take part in all the affairs that we can, for its betterment and We shall not cheat in order to succeed neither will we defraud anyone.

”We shall work hard with utmost honesty and will make education our lifestyle and not merely a mean to earn a living and We shall be our own leaders and shall not wait for good things to happen but will make them happen and We shall respect all genders and religions and treat them as equal fellow beings.

Our deeds will be a positive influence for our environment and we shall make ourselves strong enough not to be influenced by the environment and We greatly owe to our homeland and will make sure to do everything that we may, to make this country a better place for generations to come.”

This was the pledge that the young students undertook at the Youth Voices Reunion held here Wednesday. Youth Voices is a programme initiated by Peace Education And Development PEAD Foundation in collaboration with the Canadian High Commission for the sensitization and capacity building of young individuals of KPK and FATA.

To mark the success of Youth Voices programme, PEAD Foundation organized a Youth Voices Reunion by inviting all the participants of the programme from KPK and FATA who not only shared their Youth Voices experiences with the distinguished guests but also imparted how their learning is now helping them in everyday life.

The event was honoured by the presence of The Canadian High Commissioner, Mr. Greg Giokas, who played his part as a chief guest of this memorable reunion. The High Commissioner was struck by the confidence of the young individuals from KPK and FATA and the stories of how Youth Voices Programme positively affected their lives.

“Youth in Pakistan are energetic and enthusiastic but also sensitive to the challenges their communities face”, said High Commissioner Giokas. ” I congratulate PEAD and youth on getting together on this important initiative and giving youth an opportunity to express together your aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan”.

The participants along with the guests also painted a Youth Voices Mural with their personalized messages regarding the “role of youth” and their take on “democracy.”

Youth Voices under the umbrella of PEAD Foundation has successfully trained 112 undergraduate students from various educational institutions of KPK and FATA at personal capacity building and democratic development having 71 males and 41 female students.