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Water supply schemes of Balochistan Government

QUETTA: The incumbent government is working on various development plans in the province so that people especially hailing from remote areas of the province could be benefited from development projects.

Initiatives are being taken to provide basic facilities to the people of far- flung areas of the province on priority basis. Therefore, a huge amount is being spent on various development projects on different sectors, including irrigation, agriculture, communication, fisheries, health, education and rural development. There are 52 development projects of providing clean drinking water to the people in the different areas of the province in which 44 projects are underway and 8 new projects would be started. Rs. 2.38 billion would be spent on these projects during the current financial year.

It may be mentioned here that the incumbent government has allocated 8 percent additional funds for this sector in 2013-14 budget. Besides, the government has planned to install filtration plants of clean drinking water under which each union council would get one filtration plant.

To ensure smooth supply of clean drinking water in Gwadar, the plant of filtering salty water is being made functional so as the people of the city could get clean and filtered water.

Clean drinking water has remained a serious issue for the people of Gwadar. Thus the government in order to address this serious issue has devised a comprehensive plan and soon the filtration plants would be made functional and the supply of water would be started in the port city.

The government has taken concrete measures to repair all defunct water supply projects on priority basis as Rs 300 million has been earmarked to expand and restore such projects of the province while a project of installing temporary filtration plant in flood hit areas is also under pipeline at this Rs. 50 million would be spent. Besides Gwadar, Rs. 200 million would be spent to provide water filtration plants to Damb, Gadani, Jewani and Lasbella areas.

Similarly, Rs. 150 million is being provided to WASA department for purchasing necessary machinery so that the department could restore the dysfunctional water supply projects and minimize water shortage which would help providing potable water to the people as the shortage of drinking water is becoming serious issue in Quetta. Through these steps the shortage of water would be addressed to a great extent.

There are many water supply schemes started by WASA are dysfunctional and due to lack of necessary equipments and non- availability of electricity connections several water supply schemes have been remained closed. However, through allocation of these funds the necessary machinery and electric equipments would be purchased which would help start dysfunctional water supply schemes. Moreover, work is underway on various water supply projects in different districts of the province while construction work on some water supply projects was in final phase. Over 55 percent of population of the province would get potable water from these water projects in different areas.


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