USAID Trains DISCOs on New Training Techniques

Islamabad: The United States is strengthening Pakistan’s energy sector and helping to end energy shortages and the USAID Power Distribution Program organized training of trainers in Islamabad.

Two important events occurred. First, the Certificate Ceremony for the 15-Day Training on Adult Learning Training of Trainers to thirteen trainers representing eight DISCOs.

Second, three Master Trainer Certificates were awarded to those trainers who have completed both the 15-day course and co-trained the course with the Program’s Clare Novak.

This new class of trainers would be able to design ‘experience based training’ for the target groups. Globally, experience based training sessions have been a benchmark in training for 50yrs and now for the first time have entered Pakistan’s power sector through USAID.

“Experienced based learning is divided into three phases namely
‘Experience’, ‘practice’, and ‘use’. This method of training helps the
trainee direct their own learning and they learn faster because they are
involved in the training methods.

Hence, this three phase system ensures sustainability of training and ensures that the participants retain information and use it in the workplace.

Today is a start of something new and exciting, sitting among us are three Master Trainers who have successfully trained this batch of trainers organized by the USAID Power Distribution Program.”Clare Novak, USAID’s Power Distribution Program Trainer remarked at the closely ceremony.

The training not only introduces new tools to trainers but also shows them how these tools can be used in various ways depending on the situation, or the individual being trained.

In short these new breed of trainers would be able to design ‘experienced based training’ for their target group which would raise the quality of the trainings in the power sector to international level.

The four and a half year USAID Power Distribution Program was announced by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to support Pakistan’s energy sector.

Through the Program, USAID is helping DISCOs modernize equipment, receive
expert consultations, and introduce international best practices to ensure a more reliable supply of power to consumers.