US experts discuss glacial melt down impact on Karachi with KWSB officials

General Karachi

Karachi: Representative of Economic Section of Embassy of the United States of America and U.S Geological Survey, hydrologist Jo Leslie Elmers along with Economic Specialist Ayan Ali Khan visited Karachi Water & Sewerage Board to discuss hydrologic monitoring with a focus on glacial melt down and its impact on Pakistan especially on Karachi and other water supply related issues with Managing Director KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid.

U.S Hydrologist Jo Leslie during her visit, would also meet WAPDA, Irrigation Department, Federal Flood Commission, Global Impact Study Centre, IRSA, ICIMOD and other concerned entities to discuss Glacial Melt Phenomena in Pakistan.

Elmers was visiting to discuss further the matter in the ongoing Pak-US Dialogue in which KW&SB and Elmers were also present. During the dialogues it was discussed that by the year 2020 Glaciers melt down across the world would accelerate causing heavy storms and floods across the globe. This phenomenon would also cause scarcity of water across the globe.

During the meeting with U.S Representatives Managing Director KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid briefed them about Water Supply and Sewerage System of the city. The US Representatives expressed their interest in the system and promised to schedule another visit for more indepth discussion. Deputy Managing Director Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, Deputy Managing Director Planning Mashkoorul Hasnain, PS to MD Khurram Shehzad, SO to MD Elahi Bukhsh Bhutto, Deputy Project Manager Asif Ali Khan were also present during the meeting.

DMD Planning briefed the meeting Jo Leslie about the upcoming KIV and SIII projects. He briefed that currently KW&SB is short of 400 million gallons of water however after completion of KIv and SIII projects 260 million gallon par day additional water would be available for the citizens of Karachi. These projects have been approved by the Federal and Provincial Governments and would be completed at a cost of 26 billion rupees.

He told that supply to Karachi is from sources located about 200 kilometres away and the water is brought to the city through Canal System and then supplied after Filtration and Chlorination. However, sewerage of the city is being disposed in the sea without any treatment not only posing threats to marine life but to the environment as well.

He said that completion of SIII project not only result in cleaner beaches and environment but would also increase seafood exports as well. Karachi Port Trust being a stake holder in the plan would contribute 33% of the cost in SIII project.

He also briefed about the increasing costs and low recovery plunging KW&SB into economic crises, which is why KW&SB has contacted international funding agencies JICA, Asian Development Bank and World Bank. Several MoUs have been signed between KW&SB and these entities.

U.S Representative Leslie Elmer took special interest in the KW&SB documentary on the subject of supply and operations. Managing Director KW&SB thanking Representatives of U.S Economic Department presented them Ajrak, Topi and Souvenirs at the end of the meeting.