U.S. Helps Pakistani Police Embrace Modern Policing Techniques

Islamabad: Islamabad police officials graduated from two training courses in contemporary policing techniques in Islamabad. The courses, focused on the areas of investigation and victimology, were sponsored by the U.S. Embassy.

Eight Islamabad police officers at all ranks completed a two-week course on interviewing and investigation, during which they learned how to properly formulate questions and assess responses in order to effectively gather useful information from victims, witnesses and suspects.

Police officers also were trained how to read body language, take official statements, and interview specific types of victims.

Seven police officers attended another training course on victimology and family crimes at Police Lines Islamabad.

This course included basic information on the psychological and physiological aspects of certain crimes, with a focus on human rights, gender non-discrimination, and identification of human trafficking. Students practiced interviews with both child and adult victims, and received specific training on the issues of crimes against children, domestic violence, and identification of human trafficking.

Twenty-one Islamabad police officers also completed training courses on first aid and other topics last weekend.

The participating police officials expressed appreciation for this and other U.S. initiatives to strengthen the skills of the police in Pakistan.

“These training courses are beneficial for the police forces of Pakistan,” said Islamabad Police Training School official Superintendent of Police Ghayas. Superintendent Ghayas went on to say that “Training courses like these benefit all the people of Pakistan and should continue. I would like to thank the U.S. Embassy and the instructors for supplying this to us.”