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Tribute paid to Brazilian Architect at COMSATS)

ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad and the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology on Wednesday held an event to honour Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Niemeyer, one of the most important architects of the 20th century, died on December 5th, with 104 years old. Among others he was responsible for the projects of the Governmental buildings of Brasilia – the capital of Brazil – and for the United Nations Headquarters, in New York.

On Wednesday, at the Library of the CIIT, more than 80 people, mostly students of architecture and arts, were delighted with an exhibition of photographs of Niemeyer’s works in Brasilia.

Following to the inauguration of the Exhibition by the Ambassador of Brazil, Alfredo Leoni, the public watched the documentary “Life is a Breath”, that tells the story of the architect’s long and prolific career.

On his speech to the students, Ambassador Leoni focused on the role Niemeyer had on the development of the Brazilian modern culture and on promoting Brazil in the world, since his works can be found in many countries, such as the US, France, Italy, Algeria, among others.

The Ambassador also highlighted the inspiration Niemeyer is to architects and artists around the world and reminded the students: “you – as architects, designers and artists – can be a powerful tool of transformation”.


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