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Traders demand say in passing Trade Organization Act

Hyderabad: Senior Vice President Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry HCCI Turab Ali Khoja here Sunday said demanded including input of trade bodies before the approval of the Trade Organization Act 2012.

Addressing a press conference, he said that the Trade Organization Act 2012 has been passed by National Assembly without obtaining any consensus or confidence from business community. Now it is being presented to the senate for its approval without taking in to confidence the business community of Pakistan. He said it is also learnt that the Chairman of Senate’s Standing Committee on Commerce Senator Ghulam Ali who belongs to particular business group and has proposed several amendments in the above Act 2012 by himself.

Turab Ali Khoja further said that the Trade Ordinance December 2007 was also controversial and was issued unilaterally without any consensus where in the Director General Trade Organizations was given dictatorial powers.

Similarly the present Act 2012 is being put up to the senate for its approval without getting any consensus from Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Pakistan. Any such approval by the Senate will be harmful without obtaining any consensus from the business community and thus will not be acceptable to the business community.


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