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Torkham border sealed in protest against the torture on Pakistani labourers

LANDIKOTAL: The Pakistani Border Security Force closed the Torkham border crossing for every kind of traffic and pedestrians in protest against the torture on the Pakistani twenty-nine labourers in Afghanistan by the Afghan security forces.

The Afghan forces allegedly snatched away three green Pakistani passports from them and tore them to pieces and threw them reportedly in river Kabul, Tariq Mahmood hailing from Lahore told media.

The Afghan immigration officers put back date on their passports and forced them to pay them thirty thousand as bribe, Tariq said. The Pakistani border forces closed the border in protest for six hours, which brought the traffic and the inflow and outflow to a standstill on Torkham.

Akram, from Gujranwala, said that they had gone to Afghanistan to work in Shuja Steel mill, located in Forte Murad Bag Kabul, for one month under their legal visas, but they had been restricted to work inside the mill for few months until their visas got expired.

We had been kept in the steel mill as prisoners, Akram regretted. On Friday night they were intercepted near “Mayper” by the Afghan Forces and were brutally tortured, snatched their money and tore three passports, which were later threw into Kabul river, asking them to collect at the Attock Bridge, Akram added. We shall light fire to set you ablaze if next time tried to come to Afghanistan, the Afghan forces threatened them, informed Akram.

We lodged complaint with the Torkham Pakistani border security officials to inform them about the negative behaviour of the Afghan Forces. As a result, the Pakistani security forces reacted to close the Torkham border crossing to protest against the Afghan security forces for torturing the Pakistani labourers holding passports and visas, one of them said.

The FC officials and the Afghan border commissioner Inayat ullah Shinwari held negotiations to resolve the tension. The FC official conveyed Pakistan strongest protest on the issue through the Afghan official so that next time the Afghan security forces could not misbehave the Pakistanis holding legal travelling documents.

After the Afghan official’s assurance to take action against the alleged Afghan Force personnel, the Pakistani officials agreed to reopen the Pak Afghan Torkham border for the traffic and pedestrians.


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