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SUP advices Qadri not to join hands with partners of corrupt regime

Karachi: Senior Vice President of Sindh United Party SUP Shah Muhammad Shah has said they will not be the part of the conspiracy to get the coming election cancelled or delayed.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club KPC here on Tuesday, he said the sitting rulers have shown the worst examples of bad governance. He said that more than 250 children died of measles and thousands others suffering from the disease but Sindh Health Minster Dr Saghir was seen attending welcome party of MQM for Maulana Tahir ul Qadri in Karachi. He said that people should use their vote correctly in the coming election to elect capable leaders and also to strengthen parliament. He said that the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan about delimitations in Karachi should be obeyed in letter and spirit.

Shah Muhammad Shah charged that the rulers are supporting the elements that wanted to get the polls delayed. He said if the government is not with these anti-democracy forces it should announce deadline for holding election.

Drawing the attention of Maulana Qadri, he said, “You are making alliance with those who want division of Sindh. If you have really retuned Pakistan to save democracy you should meet the nationalist parties of Sindh”. He said that Qadri should not join hands with the coalition partners of the corrupt government. He said the SUP will never join any alliance in which corrupt elements are present.

He said Tahir ul Qadri should show the nation his stance on the target killings of Karachi, the issue of water distribution, and other problems of Sindh.

He said the corrupt elements have joined hands to get the elections delayed to serve their vested interests.


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