Sugar Rates Soar to Rs. 155 Per Kg at Utility Stores

The price of sugar at Utility Stores has surged by Rs. 8 per kilogram for all categories of consumers, sources told ProPakistani.

Effective immediately, Utility Stores outlets will sell sugar to the general public at a new rate of Rs. 155 per kilogram, as specified in the notification.

This marks a big increase from the previous rate of Rs. 147 per kg, indicating a substantial rise in the cost of this essential commodity for the average consumer.

According to a recent notification, this price adjustment will affect various segments of the population, with changes for both general consumers and Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) cardholders.

BISP beneficiaries will now have to pay Rs. 109 per kg for sugar, as opposed to the previous rate of Rs. 101 per kg. This increase places additional financial strain on a segment of the population that is already dependent on government assistance for their basic needs.

Notably, the sudden spike in sugar prices is expected to have a ripple effect on households’ budgets, especially for those reliant on the BISP program. While the government has not provided specific reasons for this price increase, it is likely to generate public debate and calls for transparency regarding the factors contributing to these changes.

This development also highlights the importance of monitoring and regulating essential commodity prices to ensure that they remain affordable for the common man.

Source: Pro Pakistani