Straive Introduces Straive Data Platform (SDP): An End-to-End Data Management Platform Focused on Unstructured Data Solutions

SINGAPORE, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Straive (erstwhile SPi Global), a market-leader in technology-driven content and data solutions, today announced the launch of its Straive Data Platform (SDP). SDP is an end-to-end data management platform focused on unstructured data solutions. With its cloud-native and microservices-based architecture, SDP extracts and enriches data from any unstructured source and enables enterprises to harness the power of all data. SDP benefits companies with a faster time to market, better data coverage and provides consistent quality with a scalable solution and a distinctive capability to work with unstructured data.

Straive Data Platform (SDP): An End-to-End Data Management Platform Focused on Unstructured Data Solutions

Straive, with its years of expertise in dealing with content and data (especially unstructured), has developed SDP to offer businesses a comprehensive solution to derive actionable insights out of unstructured datasets. SDP provides pre-built connectors and multiple ingestion paths to capture data from various sources and formats (unstructured and structured) to unify and action it across various touchpoints while providing a robust secure data processing environment. SDP makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to bring in differentiated levels of data accuracy, quality, and automation.

SDP has been designed to serve Straive’s use cases spanning text intelligence, public data intelligence, and vision intelligence  across industries such as scientific content, financial services, risk and compliance, and legal and real estate through:

  • Easily customizable workflows
  • Automated collections, extraction, and preparation of data
  • Automatic scaling
  • Seamless integration with third-party tools and products
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs

From extracting people and company-related data points from 14M+ websites in 3-4 months to tracking around 9M+ unique data points across 11K companies sourced from Annual Reports, CSR Reports, and various regulatory filings, SDP is one of the most scalable solutions for


unstructured data.

Murugesh Mayandi, Chief Data Solutions Officer, Straive, said, “Straive Data Platform encapsulates our decades-long experience and our end-to-end capabilities in the data solutions space. We have been consistently investing in people and platforms to push the levels of automation and application of a platform-based approach towards unstructured data problems, which is just ramping up for key business use cases. Through SDP, we are well-positioned to cater to a wide range of industries with our proprietary technology and a strong team of subject matter experts to apply and create customized industry solutions.”

To know more about Straive Data Platform, click here.

About Straive  (erstwhile SPi Global)

Straive is a market-leading content technology enterprise that provides data services, subject matter expertise (SME), and technology solutions to multiple domains such as research content, e-Learning/EdTech, and data/information providers. With a client base scoping 30 countries worldwide, Straive’s multi-geographical resource pool is strategically located in eight countries: Philippines, India, USA, China, Nicaragua, Vietnam, United Kingdom, and the company headquarters in Singapore. In August 2017, Partners Group, the global private markets investment manager, invested in SPi Global on behalf of its clients.

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