Speakers eulogized works and reforms of late Dr Kamal in FATA

General Peshawar

Peshawar: Speakers at condolence reference eulogized works and reforms of late Dr Kamal in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas FATA and vowed to continue the great mission of the deceased Kamal.
Those who spoke on the occasion were including Professor Sarfaraz director Area Study Centre University of Peshawar, Eng Toor Gul Chamkani, Jamaluddin Wazir, Ghani Gul Mehsood, Idrees Kamal, Shamim Shahid, Ameer Khan and Danyal Kamal son of Dr Kamal.

The reference was organized by Civil Society for Rights and Development, Tribal NGO’s , Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Net Work in collaboration with SPO.

Dr Kamal was Chief Executive Officer of Shaheed Bhutto Foundation and founder and president of Pakistan Doctors Association.

Zahir Shah said Dr Kamal had taken steps to bring reforms in Fata and succeeded in this regard to some extent as extension in political parties act and reforms in Frontier Crime Regulation FCR in tribal belt was the result of his struggle.

He added Kamal had rendered sacrifices for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan during General Ziaul Haq dictatorship period and as a doctor also taken positive steps for bringing changes in health system. “Kamal wanted change and reformation in Fata and receiving suggestion from tribesmen in this regard” he said.

“Tribesmen are being not provided their basic human rights as enjoying other citizens of the country” he said added it was need of hour to bring changes and reforms in Fata because tribal belt was passing through a difficult phase. He said that reforms in FCR needed implementation.
Jamaluddin Wazir speaking on the occasion said the elected representatives from Fata had nothing done for tribal belt even did not discuss the FCR, saying they did not need such kind of representatives who do not have any interest for Fata development.

“Peace could be brought in Fata through provision of education to their generation and launching developmental schemes in the backward areas” he added saying Dr Kamal had raised voice for the rights of the tribal people in a very difficult condition. He said all the tribesmen should meet together and find a solution to the problems being faced by tribal people.

Shamim Shahid said it was modern era, the world had changed with passage of time and people had political awareness therefore all the tribesmen should maintain the mission of Dr Kamal for the elimination of FCR.

Professor Sarfraz said Kamal was against dictatorship and had taken practical steps for restoration of democracy in the country. He demanded of the government to announce civil award for political and social services of the deceased.