Sindh High Court Orders to Eliminate Illegal Paid Parking in Karachi

Sindh High Court (SHC) has directed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to take action and end unauthorized parking spots in Karachi.

The directive was issued by a two-member bench of the SHC, comprising Justice Nadeem Akhtar and Justice Mohammad Abdur Rehman, during the hearing of petitions against charged parking spots across the port city.

Counsel for the KMC, in response to a question, informed the court that the corporation is allowed to collect parking fees on 41 roads and service roads. He added that the fee is collected under the Sindh Local Government Act to maintain those roads.

The court asked the counsel how the corporation plans to stop unauthorized individuals from collecting fees in its name. The SHC judge also gave an example of foreign countries, where machines are installed for this purpose.

Furthermore, he also questioned whether the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is permitted to collect fees from all areas within the metropolis.

Justice Nadeem Akhtar remarked that the corporation’s report is “contrary to the facts”, emphasizing that resolving the issue would require more than just paperwork.

Additionally, he also expressed his displeasure, stating that the court was provided a list of 43 charged parking spots, while information on KMC’s website indicates a total of 81 such spots.

Moreover, the corporation also drew the court’s ire for failing to implement its previous orders about illegal parking spots. It raised questions over the KMC’s practice of collecting fees in areas that do not fall under its jurisdiction.

The case’s hearing was adjourned till December 13.

Source: Pro Pakistani