Senate passes six bills

The Senate resumed its session at the Parliament House in Islamabad today with Deputy Chairman Mirza Muhammad Afridi in the chair.

The House is transacting private members’ business today.

Six bills were passed. These include: ‘The Anti-Rape (Investigation and Trial) (Amendment) Bill, 2022’, ‘The Pakistan Emergency Treatment Coverage Programme Bill, 2023’, ‘The Pakistan Opportunistic Screening and Treatment of Hypertension Bill, 2023’, ‘The Islamabad Capital Territory Protection of Breast-Feeding and Child Nutrition Bill, 2023’, ‘The International Institute of Technology, Culture and Health Sciences Bill, 2024’and ‘The National Database and Registration Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023.’

Besides, several bills were introduced in the House. The Chair referred the bills to the standing committees concerned.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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