Rheumatic fever and soar throat major causes of paediatric cardiac cases - Pakistan News Digest - Pakistan News Digest

Rheumatic fever and soar throat major causes of paediatric cardiac cases - Pakistan News Digest

Rheumatic fever and soar throat major causes of paediatric cardiac cases

KARACHI: The ratio of prevalence of Paediatric Cardiac cases in Pakistan is 8 to 10 per one thousand that varies with birth-rate, eminent cardiologist and Professor Emeritus of National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases NICVD Prof. Kaleemuddin Aziz told.

“Persisting rheumatic fever and soar throat among children are dangerous, as they damage the heart. The symptoms of such cases also include repeated infections and blue face of child, he said speaking at the scientific session of symposium at a local hotel as part of golden jubilee celebrations of NICVD.

Prof. Kaleemuddin Aziz exhorted upon the parents of paediatric cardiac patients to avail benefit of services available in Pakistan that also include diagnosis and surgeries.

In his presentation on ‘Evolution of Paediatric Cardiology and Role of NICVD’, he said USA helped to introduce paediatric cardiology in Pakistan and several other countries. “In 1980, the first such department was opened here. In 1986, the NICVD was approved as first training institute for paediatric cardiology.”

He said Prof. Rehman was the pioneer of paediatric cardiac surgery. Prof. Azhar Masood Farooqui, former executive director of NICVD and present Dean, Faculty of Cardiology, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan, spoke on ‘Past, Present and Future of Cardiology’.

According to him the greater challenges in future are not technological but the ethical and economic one. He also cited increasing gap between haves and have not as main reason behind ever increasing cases of cardiac diseases.

Eminent cardiologist Prof. S. M. Rab, who co-chaired the session along with renowned paediatrician Prof. Abdul Ghaffar Billo, urging for maintaining morality and honesty in medical profession, lamented that academics are gone today and mechanics are coming. Noting that Pakistan has a class based society, Prof. Rab said elite class put hurdles in promotion of cardiac institutions in Pakistan.

Supporting the contention of other panellists regarding prevention measures for curbing the cardiac cases, Dr. Rab said prevention of cardiac cases could only be possible if potable water supply is ensured, issue of environmental pollution is resolved, sewerage systems are rectified, smoking habits and Sheesha clubs are eradicated.

Prof. Rehman spoke on 50 years of NICVD and traced the history of cardiac surgery in Pakistan. He told that Dr. Boss performed the first case of cardiac surgery at United Christian Hospital Lahore. He also mentioned Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Jatoi who was appointed first cardiac surgeon at NICVD.

Prof. Rehman, who joined NICVD in 1975, told that there was no surgical ward at NICVD until 1977. The NICVD had only 4bed ICU with 2 monitors and 2 operation theatres. Earlier, in the morning a live telecast of coronary intervention from Cath Lab NICVD was shown to the audience. The live paediatric intervention telecast was also shown in the afternoon session.

Dr. Asad Pathan and Dr. Kamal Yousuf chaired the afternoon session while Dr. Khusro Niazi gave presentation on ‘Evaluation of Peripheral Arterial Diseases’. Executive Director NICVD Prof. Khan Shah Zaman in his address underlined the need of seriously working on prevention of cardiac diseases in view of resources. He told that according to WHO eighty percent cardiac diseases are preventable.


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