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Regional Bridge championship: Karachi Aces on top yet

Karachi: Regional Bridge Championship and trials to select a team for the final segment of the national trials are underway at Aslam Bridge Hall under the auspices of Karachi Bridge Association. It is being conducted at a single round robin league basis. Nine teams are contesting the title.

At the close of the 6th, out of 9 rounds, Karachi Aces 126 V.P., having two veteran pairs Abdul Khaliq-Nasir Reza Khan, Ghulam Muhammad-Anwer Kizilbash and Asghar Abbas, are on top, winning three matches of the day last evening, Bilal with 119 V.P. are at their heals following the leaders very closely. Bilal is comprised on-form players like Ziaullah Baig, Hamed Mohiuddin, Anisur Rehman, Gulzar Bilal, Shaikh Abdul Muqeet and Hassan Rashid Khan.

Allana were in the mid of the field with so many flashing stars like Rehman Allana, Tahir Masud, Javed Miran, Rashid Jafer, Rashid Ghazi and Sarfraz Khan. They have a total score of 104 V.P.

Stalwarts 98, Data Steel 92 are other two hopefuls, while Inbox and Foxy can improve in the last three rounds to qualify.

The field is still open. Four teams will qualify for the final sessions in the end of February and early March when four upcountry teams will arrive at Karachi. The final of the trials will be broadcast on BBO.


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