Rana Sanaullah criticizes Imran Khan

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah strongly criticized PTI chief Imran Khan, saying he is roaming hopelessly.

Commenting on a statement of Imran Khan, he said the extraordinary popularity of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has made Zardari and his Bteam sleepless. He said the people of South Punjab know where what he called ‘Tsunami Khan’ was when they were hit by floods, and they cannot be hoodwinked now. He said Imran Khan should tell the people of South Punjab how many times he had visited them before.

“The people of South Punjab know who completed record development projects in their region and who is visiting them a few months before the general elections,” he added.

Rana Sanaullah said ‘Tsunami’ has turned into disgrace and the clean sweep of Pakistan Muslim LeagueN in the byeelections has terrified leaders of such political parties because their bleak future is quite visible to them. He said PMLN will form the next federal government after winning the general elections with a huge margin.