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Pumping stations’ poor condition annoys KWSB MD

KARACHI: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB Misbahuddin Farid during 4hourlong visit to 5C4, Khuwaja Ajmair Nagri, 7D Pump House, 7D1, 2, 3, 4 and Surjani, expressed grave concerns over poor condition and maintenance of pumping stations. He reprimanded XEN Rehan and Rehan on the poor maintenance of pumping stations.

He was visiting all these areas to inspect the strategy to ensure swift provision of water during summers. Chief Engineer WTM Anwar Saeed, Chief Engineer Distribution Faheem Akhtar Zaidi, Superintendent Engineer Asif Qadri, Superintendent Engineer Tahir and other concerned officers were also present on this occasion.

During the visit MD KWSB directed that all pumping stations must be maintained properly, capacity must be increased to ensure swift supply of water to all citizens. Alternate electricity sources must be in standby. He said that Chief Engineer of every zone is responsible to ensure supply to tail end consumers in his zone.

He said that despite limited resources KW&SB is striving to ensure swift provision of water supply and sanitation facilities to the citizens of Karachi. He further directed to ensure chlorination as per international standards on all pumping stations. He said that chlorine must be stocked to ensure proper chlorination at all times.

Reprimanding XENs Atif and Rehan he directed that bushes on the pumping stations must be cut down immediately, machinery needing repair must be repaired immediately and pumping operations must be improved. He said that if all the work is not completed by next visit both officers would be suspended.

He directed all Chief Engineers to personally pay attention to all water operations to ensure swift supply to the citizens of Karachi. Pumps, Motors and other machinery at all pumping stations must be provided equally to all areas without any discrimination.

He said that any officer found to be neglecting his duties would face strict actions. Field officers, Chief Engineers, Superintendent Engineers and all supervisory staff is directed to visit their concerned areas and make field visits a part of their routine to ensure better operations.

He directed Chief Engineers to report all illegal hydrants operating in the city and take action against them with the help of Police. He said that it is vital to shutdown all illegal hydrants since these hydrants are creating major shortfalls in the supply.


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