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PTI slams attack on security forces

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf PTI Central Senior Vice President Najeeb Haroon has strongly condemned the attack on security forces in Upper Dir in which several soldiers, including Major General Sanaullah Niazi and Colonel Tausif whereas a number of soldiers, were injured.

In a statement, he said that the enemies did not want Pakistan to get stabilized in terms of economy and defence. Haroon said, “Certain foreign enemies are afraid of Pakistan’s swift progress. The heartrending event of Upper Dir seems to be one among their strategies.

The martyrs are and will be the pride for whole nation. Peace is not only essential for Pakistan but also for the whole region. It is the time when we all should unite against the enemies of our state. Najeeb Haroon prayed blessings for the martyred and patience for their kinfolks.


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