President Zardari decline to repeal SPLGO, Sindhi nationalists are uniting under leadership of Pir Pagara: Imtiaz Shaikh

Karachi: The PMLF has termed the huge public meeting in Hyderabad message for a political change and challenged PPP to hold such a big public meeting in Sindh.

This was stated by secretary general PMLF Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh while addressing a press conference here at his residence on Sunday. Imtiaz returned to Karachi after holding public meeting in Hyderabad on Friday.

He termed the huge public meeting of PMLF as a referendum against the SPLGA Act 2012. He said it was a challenge to all the political parties to hold such a huge public meeting in Hyderabad.

He said after this public meeting people of Sindh have rejected the new local government system of PPP which was making a division of the people of Sindh motherland. He announced that now after this PMLF wanted to gear up the election campaign. He thanked to all the nationalist parties and other leaders for making this huge public meeting in Hyderabad as historic.

He challenged Sindh chief minister to hold such public meeting. Imtiaz said that in next elections PMLF will contest on each seat with the seat adjustment with nationalist parties. He said that they will continue to protest against SPLGA till it is repealed. He said now it has been decided that all the nationalist parties are untied under the leadership of Pir Saheb Pagara.

Imtiaz told that the party had met President Asif Ali Zardari and requested to repeal this SPGA act 2012 but he denied the request Imtiaz said that a grand alliance could be formed against the PPP in next general elections.