Politics: Govt. totally failed to manage country’s affairs: Prof. Khurshid Ahmad


Islamabad: Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, Naib Amir Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan and ex-member of the Senate on Sunday alleged that government has totally failed to manage affairs of the country. He pointed out that over fifty percent of the population is living in poverty and food insecurity.

In a press statement he said that unemployment is increasing every day. Corruption is rampant in every walk of life.

National wealth is being shamelessly transferred abroad, he added. “The rate of corruption, according to recently issued report has escalated to seven billion rupees per day”, he stressed.

“The only way-out of this crisis is early new elections which must be fair and transparent, he said. He said that Pakistan can be saved by the people through a decisive role to bring up a new leadership that is honest, competent and committed to the ideals of Pakistan as an Islamic, Welfare and Democratic State”.