Political Parties urged to build consensus on Kalabagh dam

General Islamabad

Islamabad: Construction of dams could resolve energy crisis besides and might prevent the economy of our country from the irreversible damages to corps and precious lands by the continuous floods every year. Thus, Government should invest in dams and construct large water reservoirs to save water being wasted.

These remarks were made by Mr.Mehmood Ahmed Waraich, Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) while commenting upon the condemnation resolution against construction of Kalabagh Dam. He said that political parties should forge consensus on construction of Kalabagh dam in the larger interests of the country.

He said that Government should accelerate its efforts for setting up new water reservoirs and dams on emergent basis to cope with the looming water crisis which could put heavy brakes on economic growth.

He said that Pakistan has the potential to generate as much as 50,000 MW of hydroelectric power, more than twice its total current generating capacity of about 21,000 MW from all sources.

Mr.Waraich was of the view that the losses of recent floods in Pakistan, which were estimated to be more than $45 billion could have been reduced if big dams and water reservoirs were in place.

He said that electricity generation through thermal sources is estimated to cost almost Rs16 per unit whereas the same could be produced at Rs2.5 to Rs3 through hydel as there was no electricity for the people but the politicians and the top bureaucrats received it free of cost.

ICCI Vice President said that all international fora and top level world organizations, including World Bank, after detailed research and comprehensive study, have declared the proposed project of Kalabagh Dam having the capacity to generate 3,600MW electricity as feasible from all technical point of view as well.

He called upon the political parties to stop opposing the construction of the Kalabagh dam so that the national consensus can be built to guarantee economic prosperity of the country which would have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.