PMA demands arresting killers of doctor

General Karachi

Karachi: Pakistan Medical Association PMA here Wednesday demanded immediate arrest of the killers of Dr. Asad Usman of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi, who lost life in target killing previous day.

An emergent meeting of Pakistan Medical Association PMA Centre and Pakistan Medical Association Karachi was held at PMA House Karachi with Prof. S.Tipu Sultan Immediate Past President in chair. The meeting, attended by Dr. Mirza Ali Azhar, Dr. S. M. Qaisar Sajjad, Dr. Hamid Manzoor, Dr. Ahmed Bhimani, Dr. Aziz Khan Tank, Dr. Naseer Baloch, Dr. Khalil Mukaddam and Dr. Idrees Adhi, strongly condemned the brutal murder of Dr. Asad Usman.

The meeting showed extreme concern about the ongoing target killing in Karachi which is taking lives of innocent people, especially doctors and other highly educated professionals. “It shows that there is no writ of the government anywhere in the country especially in Karachi. The most important responsibility of the government is to provide security of life and properties of the masses. But the present government has miserably failed to protect this basic right.”

The meeting noted that doctors are performing their duties under tremendous pressure and without peace of mind. Doctors are leaving the country for security of their lives. If this situation is allowed to continue then there will be no doctor available in the country in near future.

The PMA demanded from the government to provide security to all the doctors especially in Karachi. It also demands from the government to investigate this case in all possible dimensions, arrest the killers of Dr. Asad Usman as soon as possible and give them an exemplary punishment.

The PMA asked to give compensation to the family of Dr. Asad Usman, adding that though there is no compensation is enough for the life of a doctor but as a doctor has a family and at times is the only bread earner for his family, the bereaved families should be compensated. It requested the KMC Administrator to pay full monthly salary of Dr. Asad Usman to his family till the date of his expected retirement.