PIMA condemns doctor’s murder

General Karachi

Karachi: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association PIMA) while strongly condemning the target killing of Medical Superintendent MS) of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Dr Asad Usman and his guard demanded that the government should immediately take notice of continuous killing of doctor and threats posed to their lives, “poor law and order situation and daily killing of doctors have spread fear among them, the fraternity has many times asked the government for strict action in this issue but nothing has been done yet, said Dr. Ahmed Salman Ghauri Cardiologist, President PIMA Karachi.

Central President, PIMA, Dr. Misbahul Aziz said that a doctor spends whole life to become a doctor and then serves the nation without any caste or creed, his death is the loss of the whole society. Moreover, hundreds of lives are associated with one doctor, so there is a need to provide the medical fraternity adequate security. “How the doctors will be able to do their duties when their own lives have been put in a danger.” he questioned. He urged the government Sind to arrest the killers. He also demanded government to announce financial help for the relief of grieved family.