PIA Explains Why Dirty Toilet Water Spread Everywhere During Flight

A spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently addressed the reported onboard toilet clogging incident from 25 April. An investigation revealed that someone attempted to flush a diaper and a tea bag down the airplane toilet and washbasin, respectively, which blocked the drainage systems and caused dirty water to leak out.

PIA advised passengers to avoid disposing of improper objects in the bathroom and sink, as this might not only put the national airline at risk but also cause trouble to other passengers.

The representative stressed that the restrooms have clear directions and graphics that travelers should pay attention to and comply with.

As per the details, passengers on PIA flight PK706, which was flying from Istanbul to Islamabad on Tuesday, April 25, had an unpleasant experience when the toilet’s drainage system failed, allowing foul-smelling water to circulate throughout the aircraft.

Reports reveal that the flight attendants used air fresheners to tackle the unpleasant odor, but their attempts were ineffective. Passengers were increasingly irritated as the situation worsened, resulting in a heated exchange of words between them and the crew. Despite their displeasure, passengers were forced to endure the noxious odor while the crew worked to resolve the situation.

Engineers drained the toilet outlet after landing, and the plane was cleaned and disinfected before flying to its next destination.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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