Pakistan, US have successfully recalibrated their relationship: Masood

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Masood Khan has stated that Pakistan and the United States have successfully recalibrated their relationship, emphasizing two main clusters: security and economic partnership.

Talking to Tim Horgan of World Affairs Council of New Hampshire during ‘Global in the Granite State’ Podcast, he said Pak-US economic partnership is all encompassing.

The Ambassador said that Pakistan could act as an economic bridge between China and the United States.

Maood Khan said the United States leadership has been managing the relationship with great care and wisdom. He also noted that the recent visits have set the ground for collaborative model, not a confrontational model. He opined that continuing rapprochement between United States and China would be in the interest of the two countries and the globe. He said that while the US is decoupling or de-risking, it could relocate some of its industries to Pakistan. The United States could also manufacture in Pakistan and export its products and
services to China.

On regional peace, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US said the shared goal for Pakistan, United States and all leading nations of the world is to have peace and security in the region. He said on one hand, we have to take steps to curb tendencies that would hurt international peace and security and on the other, to promote the global commons that make this life better for the majority of the people.

The Ambassador, on Global South, said the priority number one should be elimination of poverty, eradication of poverty and we have to reduce poverty to zero and that’s a goal that we should pursue.

Underscoring that peace and security was a holistic subject; the Ambassador emphasized the need for investment in sustainable development.

He said we have to face the challenge of climate change as it has become existential threat for the entire globe.

Noting that US is overly aligned with India which was negation of traditional policy of maintaining strategic balance in the relationship with South
Asian countries, the Ambassador opined that restoration of equilibrium would contribute to peace and security of the region.

About India’s progress, Masood Khan observed that their progress would become much more respectable if they have good relations with their neighbors, including Pakistan and if they also invest in economic connectivity. He said India’s preference should be neighborhood first and it should be peaceful neighborhood.

On Afghanistan, the Ambassador reiterated the call for Afghan Government to crackdown on organizations like TTP and said that we want the interim Afghan government to crack down on these outfits, particularly the TTP, to delegitimize and neutralize them.

On Kashmir, the Ambassador reiterated Pakistan wanted that the people of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir should be given a choice to determine their own future thought the ballot box and no through bullets.

Source: Radio Pakistan