‘Pakistan committed to regional peace, security’

Pakistan is committed to regional peace, security and prosperity.

This was highlighted by Additional Foreign Secretary Ambassador Imran Ahmed Siddiqui at the Senior Officials Meeting preparatory to the Ministerial Meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum held in Laos yesterday.

Imran Ahmed Siddiqui appreciated ASEAN Regional Forum’s pivotal role in multilateral efforts for regional peace and prosperity. Reaffirming Pakistan’s commitment to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and the ASEAN Regional Forum’s mandate, he emphasized the importance of international collaboration for shared objectives of stability and sustainable prosperity.

Stressing the need for an equitable and inclusive security framework, the Additional Foreign Secretary underscored the importance of resolving the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people for lasting peace and security in South Asia.

Imran Ahmed Siddiqui also cond
emned the rising tide of Islamophobia and pursuance of Islamophobic political agenda as strategies in election campaigns. He emphasized the importance of comprehensive approaches to address the root causes of terrorism. He also called for international scrutiny and accountability for extraterritorial killings by foreign agents inside Pakistan.

The Additional Foreign Secretary reaffirmed Pakistan’s consistent and principled stance on the Palestinian question and called for an urgent and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza and an end to foreign occupation of Palestinian territories.

Source: Radio Pakistan