Pakistan calls for addressing root causes of terrorism

Pakistan has stressed for addressing the root causes of terrorism.

Speaking at the Open Meeting of the 1373 Counter Terrorism Committee in New York, First Secretary at Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations Jawad Ajmal said the causes are: injustice, oppression, foreign and illegal occupation and suppression of right to self-determination. Denial of these fundamental human rights and state terrorism will only lead to violent narratives.

The First Secretary emphasized the regulation of technology companies, social media platforms and internet providers to curb their misuse and prevent the proliferation of hate and xenophobia including Islamophobia leading to violence and hatred against peoples and nations.

He said capacity building of state agencies is essential for countering cyber terrorism.

Jawad Ajmal said we need a global plan of action to educate and caution our young and vulnerable about the dangers of radicalization and online recruitment.

He said the existing global counter-terrorism architecture is in urgent need of reform to address new and emerging forms of terrorism including state terrorism, right wing, extremist and fascist movements, to develop norms based on principles and to also counter narratives that facilitate and promote stigmatization of Islam and Muslims.

Source: Radio Pakistan