Painting exhibition on Thursday

General Karachi

KARACHI: Fine Art Pakistan FAP) Gallery announces an exhibition of paintings titled “Enlightenment of Soul” by Khusro Subzwari on Thursday, 28th March, 2013 at 5:00 pm at FAP Gallery, 3C, 35th Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi.

FAP Gallery has been a pioneer in preserving our art culture. It has played a vital role to bring forward the zeal of artists all over Pakistan.

Khusro Subzwari is a self-taught artist, with a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and has been painting since 1972 when he was still in school. His background in engineering proved to be an asset in understanding and developing textures and the three dimensional perspectives of images on a canvas.

His current work is based on five themes: Sufism, exotic trees and gardens, the beauty and colours of nature, peacocks and Venice. Subzwari has exhibited his work in Turkey and was declared the Artist of the week at the Abu Dhabi Art Hub on 22nd October 2011.