Newly enrolled companies deprived of Hajj quota

General Karachi

KARACHI: A meeting of Action Committee of Affectees of Hajj Quota Welfare Association Pakistan was held here on Friday under the chairmanship of Abdul Manan Atarvi to disuse issue of Hajj quota.

They said that federal ministry of religious affairs has enrolled new companies 2012 after collecting Rs 20,000 from them. However, no quota has been allocated to these newly enrolled companies for Hajj, whereas the old companies have been awarded the same on the behest of Federal Minister Khurshid Shah.

They expressed concern over prevailing situation and said that why government invited applications for enrolment when it was not going to allocate quota for new companies. Representatives of new companies pointed out that this year Saudi government has blacklisted 72 old companies on their poor performance.

They further expressed that some of the new companies have filed a case in Lahore High Court which in its judgment directed to hold 5000 quota for new companies. However, even after this judgment, no quota has been allocated to any new company.
They urged the government to announce giving quota to new companies. They assured that they can provide better service to Hajjis at much less price than blue, white and green packages if they get quota. The meeting was attended by Mohammad Ramazan Naqasbandi, Sahibzada Sajid and others.