NAB duty bound to control corruption: JI

Lahore: Describing the figures of corruption given by the NAB Chairman as mindboggling, the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said the NAB must also find out an effective mechanism to control the menace.

Congratulating Admiral Rtd Fasih Bokhari for making such bold disclosures, the JI Ameer said, the NAB chairman should also expose the crocodiles in the sea of corruption for the information and guidance of the masses. He was addressing the JI workers from all over the country attending the central workshop, at Mansoora, on Friday.

Hasan said that in the past, the NAB had only been busy in harassing the Governments opponents, and building the image of the rulers. As a result, the evil of corruption crept into every institution and nobody tried to check that. It was due to this corruption that major national institutions such as Railways, Steel Mills, PIA, WAPDA, OGDC, had collapsed and become a burden on the national exchequer. He said Admiral Fasih Bokhari deserved appreciation for adopting a courageous policy and said this had given a new hope to the nation.

JI Ameer suggested to the NAB to confiscate the properties of the plunderers of the public money, and said the money thus acquired should be used to pay off the national debt. This would free the nation and the country from the clutches of the IMF and the World Bank and enable it to adopt self reliance.

He said it was a pity that the rulers were plundering billions while the general public was unable to meet both ends meet. He said, if the nation got united against corruption and the corruption mafia and did not fall in their trap again, the country could be put on the road to progress and prosperity.

Munawar Hasan said that the corrupt rulers now had their eyes on the rich reservoirs of gold and copper lying in Balochistan. Therefore, the NAB should join hands with the Supreme Court to stop the plunder of this wealth and make mega projects like SANDAK and Recodek as transparent, in the larger national interest.