Mumtaz Bhutto urges rulers to resign after disclosure of corruption

Mirpur Bhutto, Sindh: PML-N leader Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said on Friday that there is no way for the rulers except to resign and present themselves to the nation for accountability after the National Accountability Bureau chief’s disclosure of 10 to 12 billion rupees’ daily corruption in the country.

In a statement issued from his hometown, Bhutto said two governments of same rulers were dismissed in the past on corruption charges after which they escaped from the country. “How the third government of same rulers could be pure if its head is involved in 13 cases of corruption and four cases of murder of which three cases of corruption were proved,” he contended.

Bhutto further stated that he was not surprised on the statement of Chief Election Commissioner. “Like the dust storm, the ‘corruption storm’ had also been affecting the eyes of every citizen of Pakistan,” he remarked.