MQM was trying to sabotage the SC verdict over anomalies in voters’ lists: JI

Karachi: Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mehanti has said that the history of May 12 mayhem was being repeated once again in the city.

“Why the Karachiites are being punished for the contempt of court notice issued by Supreme Court against Altaf Hussain”, Mehanti questioned in a statement on Sunday.

He said that the poor people and the daily wagers have been deprived of their bread and better by the closure of CNG stations, petrol pumps, clinics, medical stores, public transport, markets, fruits and vegetables markets and shops in the city.

Mehanti added MQM was trying to sabotage the SC verdict over anomalies in voters’ lists and pressurizing the judiciary by carrying out protests.

“Anti-judicial policies are being carried out by burning the effigy of Chief Justice Supreme Court and using uncivilized language against judiciary during protests”, he added.

“The city and its people are being held hostage by terrorists while government and law enforcing agencies are the silent spectators over the deteriorated law and order situation”, Mehanti said.

Mehanti urged the media to inform the people about the real facts without feeling pressure and fear of the terrorists otherwise media would also be considered equal responsible in ant judiciary and anti Karachi policies.

JI Karachi Ameer expressed deep concern over the reporting of electronic media by quoting its report that “some unidentified miscreants are creating disturbance in the city”.

He said everyone knows one of the parties in government coalition is spreading terrorism in the city.

He demanded of the government to take notice of the conspiracies being hatched against judiciary and to handle the terrorists with iron hands for the restoration of peace in the city.

He further added the present government was equally responsible for such devastating law and order situation, as it supporting its coalition partner to destroy the peace of the city.