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Massive participation of masses in PTI rally could make a difference on Election Day

Sialkot: The massive participation of masses in PTI Chairman Imran Khan held procession at Jinnah Stadium Sialkot on has proved that “winds of political change are blowing here in Sialkot and a big political upset was expected in Sialkot city’s main national assembly constituency NA 110 Sialkot City-I.

Imran Khan has visited Sialkot district twice in a week to give a political boost to PTI candidates in Sialkot district here. The venue Jinnah Stadium Sialkot and the surrounding link roads and the over head bridge were packed with the people, anxiously waiting for Imran Khan’s speech there.

Supported by PMLQ the PPP’s Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, PTI’s Usman Dar and JI’s Arshad Mehmood Baggu are still giving very tough time to PMLN’s candidate Khawaja Muhammad Asif, a four times winner from this constituency.

He was now facing very time tough by his said political rivals this time ahead of the May 11, 2013 general elections, in this regard. Khawaja Muhammad Asif PMLN, Usman Dar PTI and Arshad Mehmood Baggu JI belong to the Kashmiri Biradari due to which the Kashmiri Biradari has been divided into three main groups here. This situation was denting the vote bank of the PMLN in Sialkot city.

These divided groups were fully supporting the said candidates, with a sole aim to dent the PMLN vote bank for defeating PMLN stalwart Khawaja Muhammad Asif.

While addressing the huge public meeting, Imran Khan hinted out that the winds of political change in Sialkot politics are blowing now and he said that there will be a big political upset was expected in constituency NA 110 Sialkot City-I here as the PTI candidate Usman Dar will defeat PMLN’s Khawaja Muhammad Asif here.

As per the ground realities, the majority of the local people said that this time Khawaja Asif was facing tough time due to his alleged sluggish aptitude towards the local people in Sialkot and especially his party workers.

Addressing the corner meetings of the party workers here, the PTI’s Usman Dar said that this time there will be an upset in this constituency, saying that the PTI will also get the votes of the people in hate of the Khawaja Asif, in this regard While, the PMLN’s Khawaja Asif was confident to win this seat for the fifth consecutive time here. Addressing an important meeting of the party workers here, Khawaja Asif added that the Sialkot had ever been a strong hold of PMLN and non can dent this fort.


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