Literacy rate of urban women is five times more than rural ones: seminar told

District General

KHAIRPUR: Vice Chancellor Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) Khairpur, Dr Parveen Shah, said on Monday that despite improvement in Pakistan literacy rate, the educational status of Pakistani women is lowest in the world and the literacy rate of urban women is five times more than rural ones.

This she said while addressing a one-day seminar on ‘Gender Equity and Poverty’, held at Allama II Kazi Hall, SALU. The seminar was jointly organized by USAID, Aurat Foundation and Institute of Gender Studies SALU. The SALU vice chancellor presided over the seminar. Prof Dr Mohammad Nawaz, Department of Economic SALU, was the chief guest, Syed Pir Mohammad Shah SSP Sukkur and Dr Imtiaz Pirzada Department of Economics University of Sind Jamshoro were honorary chief guests.

Dr Parveen further said that as a weaker or second gender, females are being disgraced in the society. She said in Pakistan, women access to property, education and employment is also low as compared to men. She further said: “Women are being recognized as the agent of change in the world arena and are entering and excelling in the field of education, economic development, politics and administration.

She said that keeping in view, the gender equity, the Institute of Gender Studies has been established at SALU aimed at assisting infrastructure development by establishing computer lab and introducing short courses for male and female students with special focus on female participation.

Prof Nawaz said that rural women role is pivotal in the economic development but they had been deprived of it, resultantly, they are facing pathetic conditions in health and education. He said that education is a vehicle of change so, it should be promoted in rural areas.

Syed Pir Mohammad Shah, SSP Sukkur, said that tribal and feudal system had deprived women of education, right of vote and economic empowerment. He said that media and human rights organizations could play their due role for the gender equity, social, economic and political development of women in the society. He further said that without the women empowerment, our society could not play dynamic role in any sector.

Prof Dr Imtiaz Ahmed Pirzadao said that it is the need of the hour that we must realize that without women participation, the socio-economic scenario of the country would not change. He suggested that women be given due rights in our society because they comprise 50% of country population.

Dr Imtiaz recommended that seats of women in parliament be enhanced so they could protect their fundamental rights. Dr Naveed Ahmed Shaikh, Program Coordinator and Focal Person, gave presentation on Gender Equity Program (GEP) and said that women have been deprived in the field of education and there is economic and gender inequalities for women.

He emphasized on poverty eradication, especially in women section of the society. He lamented that low wages are given to women at work places. He said: “The lack of education is one of the reasons of backwardness of women. Eighty percent of loans taken by women are misused by men.” Dr Naveed stressed upon women empowerment in economic and political system.

Prof Dr Syed Ahmed Hussain Shah, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts, Prof Dr Najma Noor Phulpoto, Fayyaz Raza Chandio and Ms Tasleem Alam Abro and others also spoke on this occasion.

The seminar was also attended among others by Prof Dr Mohammad Yousuf Khushk Pro-Vice Chancellor Main Campus, Prof Dr Lutuf Ali Phulpoto Dean Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration and Prof Dr Yasmeen Faiz Kazi Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences.