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Lahore girl rape case a slap on face of society: Fowzia

KARACHI: Noted human rights activist and leader of Aafia Movement Pakistan Dr Fowzia Siddiqui here Saturday, expressing grave concern over the rape of a minor girl in Lahore, said this horrible tragedy is a slap on the face of our society.

She said it was the matter of shame that a five-year old girl was caught as she was playing outside her home in Mughalpura Lahore and was subjected to gang rape. She said no society allows this kind of maltreatment to its children. She said sadly we are living in a society where the law of the jungle prevails, where innocent women and children are trafficked, raped and molested with impunity.

She said we Pakistani hung our heads in shame that our minor children are being molested in our most developed and educated cities in broad daylight. Dr Fowzia said Pakistan had become a jungle rule state where no one including women and children are safe.

She said police and law enforcing securities are more concerned to provide security to rulers and elite class, ignoring the ordinary citizens. She reminded that the daughter of the nation Dr Aafia Siddiqui along with her minor children was also kidnapped from a Karachi street, sold for US dollars, trafficked abroad and put in prison. She said the brave Aafia have been facing incarceration for more than a decade and her youngest son is still missing.

Dr Fowzia Siddiqui thanked Allah, the Almighty, that the doctors saved the life of minor Sumbal, who is presently admitted in the Services Hospital Lahore. She prayed for her early recovery. She greeted the chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for taking a suo moto notice of the rape case. She said it is also heartening that the Punjab Government has shown resolve to arrest the culprits and take them to task. However, she said much more is needed to safeguards the basic rights of the citizens of Pakistan including women and children.

She stressed the need for providing better security to the children who are the future of Pakistan. She said not only the government but all sections of society including parliamentarians, judiciary, media and civil society have to play their due role in provision of a safe and secure environment to children.

Showing her heartfelt sympathy to the parents and relatives of the minor girl, she said Aafia Movement Pakistan would raise this grave issue on every available platform so that justice could be given to them. She said the rulers should treat the victims like innocent Sumbal as their own daughters, arrest the inhuman culprits, give them exemplary punishment and ensure that in future no one dares to molest these innocent angles.


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