KWSB MD leaves for US to attend conference

General Karachi

KARACHI: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB Misbahuddin Farid left for Washington, US on Friday on the invitation of World Bank.

He would represent KWSB in the Citizens Voice Conference to be held on 18th March in Washington. MD KWSB Misbahuddin Farid was invited and selected by World Bank and he would be speaking in the conference regarding KWSB infrastructure, existing resources, future development plans and various other matters.

Managing Directors, Chiefs and Concerned officials of different Asian, International institutions, World Bank Affiliated Entities and Water Experts across the world. MD KWSB Misbah Farid would meet M.D World Bank Caroline Anstey and various other Officials belonging to water related entities during the conference.

Misbah Farid would discuss important issues with Anstey and other water experts and officials from various countries who would be participating in the Conference.

Participants of the conference would share views and discuss world water issues including scarcity of water during 2020 due to global changes in weather and other weather related factors.
It is hoped that this conference would have a positive impact on the water related issues throughout the world and highlight KWSB’s vision on International level.