Kala Bagh Dam issue could only be solved through national consensus: Nawaz Sharif


Mardan: PMLN chief Mian Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that Kala Bagh Dam issue could only be resolved if national consensus is developed on it, otherwise it would be very difficult to undertake this project.

“A complete agreement among the nation is needed to go ahead with Kala Bagh Dam project,” he said addressing a press conference here.

Commenting on the situation prevailing in the country, Nawaz Sharif claimed he had left a strong Pakistan when he went in exile but now it is on the path of destruction. “Pakistan was far ahead of India as far as development is concerned but now the situation is reverse,” he added.

Referring to two tenures of his government, PMLN chief said, “We were allowed to be in power only for two years each time. Had we ruled for a full tenure of five years, we would have changed the destiny of country.

“Motorway was not part of our manifesto but when we came into power, we undertook that project of prime importance. We would have connected Tashkent to Karachi and run a train that would have operated in eight hours from Peshawar to Karachi,” he claimed.

“My government provided huge job opportunities to the people, established industries, the country had very strong economy, there was no load shedding of electricity, no shortage of gas and the prices of essential commodities were under control. In today’s Pakistan the prices are skyrocketing, the electricity is unavailable and there are long queues of vehicles for gas at the CNG stations,” he said.

Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan was far from achieving its destination even after 65 years. “It is ranked 7th as among corrupt countries of the world and the people from around the world avoid coming here. Their countries are issuing travel advisories when they intend to visit Pakistan while others who are here are leaving for home.

Praying Allah’s mercy for the country, PMLN chief said the situation is deteriorating day by day. “Mass killings could be seen in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, FATA, Balochistan, Karachi and other parts of country. There was no bloodshed during my tenure.

Showing his concern on Balochistan situation, Nawaz Sharif said the rulers assassinated Nawab Akbar Bugti who had voted in favour of Pakistan. “Akhtar Mengal was the best Chief Minister of Balochistan but they were also pushed back.

“All this should now come to an end. There should be no bloodshed. Peace must be restored everywhere,” Nawaz Sharif urged.