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Imran asks civil servants not to obey the illegal orders of rulers

Peshawar: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan on Thursday urged the civil servants of Pakistan not to obey the illegal orders of the rulers after the clear cut order of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Addressing Students Convention at Football stadium at Shahi Bagh Imran said that there would be no place for Nawaz and Zardari in the new Pakistan which will emerge after the election. He said the next election would be like Jang-e-Badar as there would be people in large number at one side while a few people having ideology will fight against them.

PTI, after coming in to power will conduct sever accountability of the corrupt rulers and people will see the accountability, which have never done before in Pakistan.

Imran said youth of Pakistan will bring the change and PTI will award 25% tickets to the youths of below 35 years. He said that youth in PTI are enjoying such a honour which they could not even think in other parties.

Talking about Nawaz Sharif and Zardari he said that one of them had become leader due to auspices of secret agencies while the later become leader due to a letter left behind by his wife.

“Both of them are now trying to bring people their dynasty in politics as Zardaris is trying to convert Bilawal Zardari in to Bilawal Bhutto whereas Nawaz has introduced Maryam and Hamza in to politics,” he said.

Asking Nawaz Sharif to call back the selfish people from PTI as there is no place for such like people in is party which he said is the party of devoted and ideological people.

He questioned Asfandyar Wali Khan as to how he has shifted the money in to Dubai and Malaysia, asked Fazal Rahman as to why he transferred his money in to foreign accounts. Imran said Altaf should now come to Pakistan as he had ruled the country for 20 years from abroad.

“ we will bring the money back which they deposited in foreign accounts. Youth should convey the message to the people they should not vote for the people having foreign accounts,” he said.

He said that after coming in to power they will support the tribal people and will separate Pakistan from the American war.


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