IBA Reinstates the Student Who Was Expelled for Exposing a Harassment Case

The Institute of Business Administration Karachi has reinstated, Mohammad Gibrail, a student of the BS Economics program on Tuesday who was expelled for exposing an alleged harassment case.

“The credit goes to students who were firm and stood against the decision,” said Gibrail’s lawyer and social activist Jibran Nasir, adding that “Gibrail is an inspiration to many now”.

According to the IBA Executive Director, Dr. Syed Akbar Zaidi, reforms will be introduced to make the institution safer.

Dr. Syed was hearing an appeal against the disciplinary committee’s decision during which he said that the student councils will be restored to give students representation in different committees and ensure transparency in these cases.

The admission of Mohammad Gibrail has been restored unconditionally.

“We need to ensure transparent discussions on such issues instead of universities trying to brush off incidents,” said Jibran Nasir.

Besides, Jibran Nasir highlighted the importance of student bodies in the university and said that in order to empower youth, “we need a free political environment on campuses with vibrant and robust student unions”.

Source: Pro Pakistani