Ian Smith Excited About Grudge Match Between Pakistan and New Zealand

Former New Zealand cricketer, Ian Smith, believes that the upcoming clash between Pakistan and New Zealand in the 2021 T20 World Cup will be a ‘grudge match’ as Pakistan would be hungry to get back at the Kiwis after they pulled out of their limited-overs tour of the country a few weeks ago.

Smith said that New Zealand was right in calling off their tour as they believed that there was a major security threat to the players.

He said that despite the reasons behind the decision, the disappointment of the Pakistani players and fans is justified as they were eagerly waiting for the series. He added that the incident has added spice to the upcoming clash, and he is eagerly looking forward to the match.

“It’s a bit of a grudge match now on the basis that New Zealand pulled out of the tour over there just recently, and came home, which didn’t please Pakistan at all. We were right in doing what we did, but it doesn’t ease the pain for them, so there will be feeling in that game. It’s the first game that we play, and I think there will be a real edge to that one, so I am looking forward to it,” Smith remarked.

Pakistan will face New Zealand in their second match of the tournament on 26 October at Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Source: Pro Pakistani