Here’s How Much Chief Minister Sindh Spent on Air Travel in 6 Months

The expenditure on Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah’s air travel has been revealed, showing that over Rs. 102 million (Rs. 102,418,949 to be exact) was spent this year alone. The chief pilot has requested Rs. 3 million from the Secretary-General Administration department for future air expenses.

In a letter addressed to the department, the chief pilot emphasized the necessity of releasing funds to ensure continued air travel.

In the letter, he highlighted that Rs. 102.4 million had been spent on the chief minister’s air expenses this year. Additionally, Rs. 30.85 million allocated for helicopter repair and fuel had not been released.

The chief pilot also stated that Rs. 100.47 million were set aside for helicopter and plane charges, fuel, and repairs, with Rs. 102.4 million spent, leaving a balance of Rs. 2,348,051. Moreover, there are pending bills worth Rs. 36,317,208.

Source: Pro Pakistani