Govt working on establishing new industrial park in Karachi: Bakhtiar

Minister for Industries and Production, Khusro Bakhtiar says the government is working on establishing a new industrial park in Karachi on 1500 acres land.

Addressing media briefing along with Sindh Governor Imran Ismail in Karachi on Friday, he said seven billion rupees have been allocated for new Industrial Park project.

Khusro Bakhtiar said the government intends to privatize the Steel Mill to revive its full potential.

He said this step is necessary to fulfil the growing need of steel in the country, which is 10 million metric ton at the moment and is projected to grow to upto 20 million metric ton by the year 2024-25.

Speaking on the occasion, Sindh Governor said the Green Bus Project will be formally inaugurated next month that will provide huge relief to the people of the metropolis.

Source: Radio Pakistan