Gamer Pakistan Announces Development of Next Generation 5G Edge Mobile Gaming Platform

AI Enhanced Platform to Drive University Esports Worldwide

HENDERSON, Nev., Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gamer Pakistan Inc. (NASDAQ: GPAK), an early-stage technology and esports company focused on game development and in-game AI community engagement, and organizing esports events in Pakistan, today announced the initiation of development of an esports gaming platform for mobile devices leveraging 4G technology and optimized for 5G, 5G Edge, artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, and analytics.

The 5G Edge platform is expected to launch in phases, the first of which will be the mobile streaming platform and will position Gamer Pakistan as possibly the first mobile gaming company in Pakistan and the Middle East for university/collegiate esports, and streamers. The final platform will include emerging 4K streaming technology for devices with a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 and can be optimized for future 5G devices. Edge AI technology and tools will then further enhance the platform for esports, with expected features including:

  • Player performance analysis. AI tools can analyze thousands of matches to determine the most effective strategies, helping teams gain a competitive edge.
  • Real-time in-app gameplay analytics. AI can dynamically analyze in-game player behavior, optimizing scorekeeping metrics and providing insightful feedback.
  • Immersive experience for players. AI allows for immediate suggestions and feedback to enhance gameplay strategies and decisions and offers unparalleled engagement for both casual gamers and esports professionals.
  • Content creation. AI can be used to create more immersive and engaging content for viewers—including personalized highlights, real-time statistics, and interactive experiences.
  • Audience engagement. AI can help improve audience engagement by providing personalized recommendations, targeted advertising, and interactive features during live streaming and esports events.
  • Esports betting. AI technology can transform esports betting by providing better insights and predictions based on historical data and real-time gameplay analysis.
  • Broadcasting. AI and machine learning can improve esports broadcasting by creating more engaging and tailored programs for viewers.
  • Sponsorship and marketing. AI systems can help esports teams and players find the right sponsors, while sponsors can find the right teams and players to support.
  • Game development. AI can make games more realistic, responsive, and adaptive — enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

“Our 5G Edge platform will be a disruptor in the space, offering a focused streaming platform for the future of the competitive esports environment,” said Jim Knopf, CEO, President & Director of Gamer Pakistan. “By integrating AI into these areas, we will create a more engaging, superior 4K community and a focused streaming platform for the future of the competitive esports environment.”

“Our vision is to develop, organize, conduct, and monetize esports worldwide, starting with Pakistan, where we have a guaranteed user base and then expanding into surrounding territories. We are now highly focused on developing esports-themed championships and event merchandise for university teams in Pakistan. Investment in our next generation 5G Edge Mobile Gaming platform with advanced AI tools and enhancements will enable us to attract more players, viewers, and sponsors to our platform and build long term value for shareholders,” concluded Knopf.

About Gamer Pakistan

Gamer Pakistan Inc. (NASDAQ: GPAK), is an esports event development and product marketing company that was founded in November 2021 to create college, inter-university and professional esports events for all genders in Pakistan. Gamer Pakistan believes it is rapidly becoming the premiere university esports partner for secondary education institutions in Pakistan. Gamer Pakistan creates the formats and events to provide a competitive environment in which to unearth and nurture budding esports talent at the collegiate level. Operations are conducted through its subsidiary, K2 Gamer (PVT) Ltd., and affiliate Elite Sports Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. For more information visit

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