Flower exhibition held to mark spring season

General Karachi

KARACHI: KMC Administrator Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi has inaugurated the flower exhibition held with regard to spring season in Bagh-e-Ibn-e-Qasim on Tuesday where he was accompanied by Director General Parks Niaz Soomro, Director Parks and other officers.

While talking to media representatives, he said that flowers increase the beauty and gracefulness and leave pleasant effects on minds of the people. The growth of flowers was very difficult work but KMC gardeners by growing various types of flowers have given a precious gift to citizens.

He directed to continue this exhibition till one month. He said every individual would have to play his role in order to improve and renovate this city. Administrator Karachi said the flowers which grow in Pakistan specially rose, Gul-e-Dawoodi and Jasmine were liked in most countries of the world and various types of flowers were exported in other countries which generates revenue.

He directed Director General Parks to plant seasonal flowers on both sides of big roads, eye lands and KMC parks on large scale so that citizens could enjoy spring season. Administrator Karachi said that KMC has always patronized these kinds of activities along with construction works of the city.

He directed Director General to start growing of 450 types of Gul-e-Dawoodi flowers now so that as Gul-e-Dawoodi season comes, a big exhibition in this regard could be arranged. He directed to renovate the small and big parks under KMC and perform repairing works. It is expected that this one month exhibition would be seen by a large number of citizens.