FBR to Announce Prizes of upto Rs. 1 Million for Customers of Tier-1 Retailers

The Federal Board of Revenue may announce prizes of up to Rs. 1 million for customers of integrated Tier-1 retailers, reported a national daily.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has drafted a proposal in which it details its plans to award prizes under four categories to customers of integrated tier-1 retailers. The first prize may be Rs. 1,000,000 (one prize); the second prize is Rs. 500,000 (two prizes); the third prize is Rs. 250,000 (four prizes), and the fourth prize of Rs. 50,000 (1000 prizes).

The board aims to encourage customers to make purchases from registered retailers through this initiative.

The board will hold a computerized draw every month at the FBR headquarters.

This proposal applies to the retailers that have integrated their retail outlets with the FBR’s computerized system. Customers who want to participate will verify the electronically generated invoice of integrated retailers either through the Tax Asaan application or by sending an SMS to 9966.

If the system verifies the invoice, the customer will provide their name, CNIC, and mobile number, and will be included in the random computerized draw. The FBR will conduct an enquiry in the case of an unverified invoice.

The winners of the draw will have to perform biometric verification at the nearest e-Sahulat facility of the National Database & Registration Authority, and submit a scanned copy of the Tax Assan application.

After successful biometric verification, the winners will be required to provide their IBANs through the Tax Asaan application, the FBR maintained.

It also announced that a person or firm that it has authorized will carry out mystery shopping on a random basis from tier-1 retailers. This individual will verify the invoices from the FBR’s online system. In the case of fake or invalid invoices, they will report to the board that will act per the provisions of the Sales Tax Act.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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