European Country Wants to Set Up Tractor and Electric Car Plant in Pakistan

Belarus and Pakistan are discussing the establishment of assembly and production plants for tractors and electric vehicles (EVs) in Pakistan. The Belarusian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Aleinik held a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Affairs Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on May 30.

Among the topics discussed at the meeting was the expansion of economic and commercial cooperation. Alienik stated:

Belarusian companies are interested in agricultural, mining, and road construction equipment, pharmaceuticals, and wood processing goods. Belarus also has a demand for Pakistani textiles, rice, fruits, medical instruments, leather goods, and sports equipment.

Alienik stated that Belarus seeks to engage in an honest and open dialogue with Pakistani businessmen in all industries. He added that the strengthening of trade relations with Pakistan could open doors for new opportunities in various industries, which will benefit both nations.

Source: Pro Pakistani