Eanan Al Samma and Jetoptera commence flight test campaign in the U.A.E.

Eanan Al Samma and Jetoptera conduct test flights of subscale J-500 transitioning from vertical to wingborne flight
Eanan Al Samma and Jetoptera conduct test flights of subscale J-500 transitioning from vertical to wingborne flight

Eanan Al Samma and Jetoptera conduct test flights of subscale J-500 transitioning from vertical to wingborne flight

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and EDMONDS, Wash., June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We are excited to share the news that Jetoptera and Eanan Al Samma have kicked off the flight test campaign of a subscale, box-wing VTOL aircraft which is a flight test bed for the J-500 autopilot development.

The subscale eVTOL version of the J-500 VTOL cargo UAV being co-developed by the two companies is one of the tools for perfecting the automated transitions to and from forward flight. The goal of the campaign is to further integrate the J-series flight controls to develop the autopilot and navigation system for the larger J-500 UAV. The J-500 will address the U.A.E. market. It will be powered by the unique, patented Fluidic Propulsive System™ developed by Jetoptera and will have a maximum speed of 200 knots and payloads of up to 50 kg.

The subscale eVTOL model is battery powered and is operated in automated mode, including VTOL, hover, and transitions to and from forward flight. The tests conducted so far show excellent automated conversions from hover to forward flight and vice versa, as well as hover maneuverability of the aircraft, without pilot intervention. In automated mode, the mission is uploaded to the onboard control system and the entire mission is executed without any interaction from the pilot.

Subscale J-500 soaring above the sand and sea in UAE

Subscale J-500 soaring above the sand and sea in UAE

The subscale model uses electric ducted fans for propulsion. Over the next few months, the vehicle will be upgraded and tested with the J-500 avionics developed by EANAN utilizing the Embention Veronte autopilot as adapted to the unique controls of the J-series aircraft developed by Jetoptera.

The two companies remain on track to complete the construction of the first prototype of the J-500 by the end of 2024. Data collected from the subscale aircraft informs the requirements for the J-500.

The flight test campaign of the subscale model has commenced at the Xrange test field near Abu Dhabi and will continue over the next few months. Multiple automated missions conducted to date include vertical take-off, hover, transitions, horizontal flight, vertical landing and endurance tests. Just like the J-500, the subscale model is also capable of conventional take-off and landing.

“Our collaboration with Eanan Al Samma on the co-development of the J-500 has reached the important milestone of automated VTOL flights in the U.A.E. The first flights of our J-series architecture in the U.A.E. today also kicked off the development of the controls and avionics for the larger J-500. Using the subscale aircraft at the location, we are collecting important flight data that are instrumental for the development and validation of the avionics planned for the FPS-powered vehicle. The partnership with Eanan Al Samma allows Jetoptera to accelerate our roadmap for the introduction of the larger J-series air taxis, on location, under the unique local conditions, where the primary market target is,” said Dr. Andrei Evulet, CEO of Jetoptera.

“Our partnership with Jetoptera marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the UAS industry. By integrating Jetoptera’s FPS technology, we are enhancing the capabilities and operational efficiency of our aircraft, offering our clients unparalleled performance and reliability. This collaboration fits perfectly into Eanan’s strategy of continuously seeking innovative and game-changing technologies to maintain our leadership in the market,” said Eanan Al Samma’s CEO, Ulrich Weckx.

Subscale J-500 soaring above the sand and sea in UAE

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